Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

We like being different!

Most cleaners claim they are ‘eco friendly’ however, if you look closer, they are using a dry cleaning solution called hydrocarbon. Yes, it is far better than the cancer causing perchloroethylene, or PERC, which will be banned as of 2023. However, hydrocarbon is still a petrochemical with little research on the ongoing effects on the environment and our health. Be cautious of cleaners that say they are ‘organic’, and/or ‘environmentally friendly’ dry cleaners, as hydrocarbon is a by-product of oil, which is actually ‘organic’ and naturally occurring. Be sure to ask, what dry cleaning solvent do you use!

Being an end-to-end environmentally friendly dry cleaner doesn’t just mean what type of dry cleaning solvent you use, it also refers to the other waste producing products you use, such as single-use plastic bags, and single-use wire hangers.

Dry cleaning solvent

At Cleantitude Laundry, we use a patented dry cleaning liquid silicone solution that is not only a highly effective cleaner that is safe for you, your clothes, and the environment. The waste produced by our cleaning is not only minimal, it breaks down and becomes water, carbon dioxide, and sand, just like at the beach!

Despite the name ‘dry cleaning’, there’s really nothing dry about dry cleaning — it just doesn’t involve water. You simply put your garments in the machine dry and they come out dry. The dry cleaning machine washes, extracts, and dries all in one cycle.

Reusable hangers

Dry cleaners in general produce much waste in the form of single use wire hangers, and clear single-use plastic. Did you know that even though we do our part by putting them in the recycle bins, that they are often rejected by recycling centers as they get caught up in their equipment. The key is to use products that can be reused over and over!

Our quality hangers are super strong and flexible, which can be reused 1000s of times before being recycled. We encourage everyone to return these hangers so we can reuse over-and-over!

Reusable garment bags

Dry cleaners produce over 300 million pounds of plastic waste every year! Sadly, most is not recycled!

For regular customers, we offer reusable garment bags that have a 2-in-1 purpose. They can be used to fill up the bag with your dry cleaning, and be used as a garment bag once your cleaning has been completed, thus reducing plastic. Additionally, we offer all customers the choice to choose ‘no plastic bags’ on your dry cleaning (which we strongly encourage of course).

Our commitment

Cleantitude will continue researching best practices, and most up-to-date environmentally focused products. We want what you want, a sustainable future!

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