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Q:How does laundry pickup and delivery work?

A:We make it simple. Schedule a pickup on our app, put your laundry in a garment bag *, and leave your items where your delivery driver can access them. On your next delivery day, they will ‘magically’ return to your front door, cleaned and sanitized!.

Q:How do I schedule a pickup?

A:Once we get you in our delivery system, you will receive a text.

Q:Is pickup and delivery really free?

A:Absolutely! We don’t charge delivery or pickup fees, so you’ll receive the same pricing as our in-store locations.

Q:Do I need to have a minimum order?

A:Yes, it’s $35 per order.

Q:What if I have a special stain or request?

A:Send us a message via the Cleantitude app, or leave a note in your laundry bag, and our production experts will take care of it. If they have any questions, they will reach out to you to clarify before proceeding.

Q:Where should I put bulky items, like pillows, comforters, or blankets?

A:Please leave these items wherever you would leave your laundry for our route manager to pick up. To protect them, we recommend putting in a disposable bag (like a large trash bag) or some sort of washable bag (even a pillowcase).

Q:I need to cancel my pickup this week. What do I do?

A:If you’re going out of town or just need to skip a pickup, send us a message via the Cleantitude app or call your driver. As your main point of contact, they can accommodate skipped pickups and address any other questions you may have.

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